You’re looking for the best service and advice for your mortgage. Banks and brokers both offer mortgage services—but which one is right for you? Your mortgage professional should be aligned with your best interests, be available, and able to answer your questions to find the best mortgage solutions for you. In other words: less stress and more savings.

Your home is your biggest purchase—don’t leave it to guesswork! Know what your bank or broker can do for you and discover the Kupina Difference dedicated to better service and savings for your home.

Service for You, Not the Bank

Elite service is number one for all Kupina Mortgage clientele. We pride ourselves on satisfying all our clients’ mortgage needs. We negotiate for you and shop multiple lenders to get you the best deal.

A better standard of service with professionals on hand and willing to help!

  • Avenues of Access: Reach us by email, phone, or SMS
  • Fast Response Times: Worries? Concerns? Set your mind at ease. Questions big or small, we are quick to get back to you with the right information and insight for your situation.
  • Your Mortgage, Your Schedule: You have obligations to handle and the world doesn’t stop for you while buying a house. Don’t fret, we’ll connect with you at your convenience.
  • Quick Appraisals: Experts make the process run smoother meaning faster turnaround times on important mortgage items, keeping you up to speed and your mortgage process streamlined.
  • Friendly team: Helping connect people to their homes is why we’re here. We’re invested in your satisfaction with your mortgage and want to get you closer to your financial goals. Your mortgage is our mission!

Great service means not only a better mortgage for you, but being there to answer your questions along the way. Your home is your biggest purchase–it deserves the attention and professionalism we bring to all our clients.

Discover Your Options (and Opportunities!) Easily

From experience working with big banks to managing high-budget engineering projects, our background combines full range of financial options and risk evaluation to find the right deals, savings, and plan for your mortgage. That means keeping up to date with the market, knowing what your lenders can do for you, and avoiding common mortgage mistakes that can cost you more than necessary.

Your mortgage is more than a bill—it’s a financial tool. Use it to your advantage! Check out Our Story and discover the Kupina Difference that gives confidence with your mortgage decision.



Every year Canadians needlessly overpay thousands of dollars to poorly planned mortgages. Although some new home buyers might lose out due to inexperience, the truth is many Canadians simply aren’t aware of their options or what their bank or broker can do for them.

Saving money with your mortgage is more than just your rate and your term. It’s about knowing what’s available to you and having someone on your side who can capitalize on those savings during purchase, renewal, and refinance. Remember: your savings don’t end at closing—discover where and how to save more with your mortgage!

Mortgage Rates—Many vs. One vs. Yours

With multiple lenders at your disposal, you have flexibility. We do the shopping for you and find the best rates for your mortgage.

More savings for you and your home with better rates and options.

  • Variety/Options: Access to over 45 lenders gives you something the banks can’t: choice. We will work to find the best rates for your mortgage every time.
  • Lower Rates=More Savings: Save more with lower rates the banks don’t want to offer you.
  • Rate Tracking: Our team tracks the rates throughout the mortgage process to check for changes that can affect your savings.
  • Rate Protection: Did mortgage rates drop since approval? Don’t fret–we track rates all the way up until closing and will lock you into that lower interest rate, saving you more.
  • Negotiate for you: It’s simple—we win when you save. Satisfied clients are our foundation and connecting you to the right mortgage is our mission. When the banks will wrestle you with rates, we shop lenders with your specific criteria and find the best product for you.

Achieve Your Financial and Mortgage Goals Faster

Helping clients fix their credit and own their homes was how we started—with the desire and ability to do more than just offer a term and a rate. It’s about using your mortgage to put you in a better financial position. Not just for your home, but for your entire financial plan.

A mortgage should be more than a plain expense. Not all options fit all people, but there are many opportunities to use your mortgage toward better financial outlook. Discover how to use your loan to factor into a broader financial plan that can free up debt, ease payments, or contribute to an investment. Pay your mortgage faster, take advantage of refinancing, fix your credit— we’ll make your mortgage work for you.


Your mortgage should conform to your specific needs and financial goals. There is a lot to think about when buying a new home and too often we neglect the ways that we can make home ownership work for us. Our team of certified professionals can take you through the process of purchasing a home with less frustration and more money left in your pocket when it’s time to close the deal.

Be mortgage free faster. Free up cash flow for your budget. Tap into home equity. Fix your credit. Get more out of your mortgage!

New to buying a home? Here’s the breakdown:

Step 1: Contact Us for Mortgage Options and Conditions

  • Discover how much you qualify for.
  • Understand your options, terms, and rates–this is where we get rid of the headache!
  • Develop an action plan that best fits your financial position and goals–this is where we save you more and make your mortgage easier on you and your financial plans.
  • Get pre-approved for your mortgage before you shop!

Step 2: Find Your Home

  • It’s time to find a realtor (and lawyer) and go house hunting!
  • Make an offer (price, conditions, deposit, and closing date) on the home that’s right for you and your mortgage.
  • Upon acceptance, finalize financing and complete home inspection.

Step 3: Closing the Deal (almost there!)

  • Meet all proposed conditions including home inspection, insurance, down payment, etc.
  • Provide down payment and remaining closing costs to lawyer/realtor.
  • STOP: Did mortgage rates drop below what you agreed to? This is where we secure those lower rates and save you from higher interest payments.
  • Lender transfers mortgage funds.
  • Congratulations! The house is registered in your name and you are given the keys to your new home!

Step 4: The Kupina Difference

  • Annual check ups.
  • Variable rate updates to evaluate your mortgage options.
  • Book Mortgage Burning party.


Looking to refinance your mortgage? Refinancing can be a powerful tool to capitalize on the market or cater your mortgage to your current and future financial plans. Using a new mortgage to pay your existing mortgage allows for more financial options including better rates and better terms for you.

  • Save money with lower interest rates – Lower your monthly payments by taking advantage of lower interest rates. If the current rate is lower than what you’re paying, you could potentially save hundreds of dollars every month by refinancing your mortgage.
  • Be Mortgage-free faster! If you have more spending power, you can refinance and shorten your term by increasing monthly payments. Put more toward your principle when rates are low to get the most from your money!
  • Free up cash for renovations or investments by tapping into the equity you’ve built.
  • Use your mortgage to save on other loans/credit – Loans/credit can bog you down as you wrestle with high interest rates to chip through the principle bit by bit. Consolidate your debt into one mortgage payment with lower interest, freeing up more money for you.
  • Better Terms That Protect and Save Your Money – Is your fixed-rate mortgage getting in the way of lower variable rates that fit your plan? Are rates climbing or are you looking for stable rates to help with monthly and yearly budgeting? Switching from one to the other may be in your best interest, but only if it ends with you coming out on top. Talk to us and be in the know when it comes to your terms and how they can save you money.


The truth is, the right refinancing strategy can save you thousands on your mortgage and even hundreds of dollars a month–but it depends on your situation, rates, and conditions. This is where an experienced broker can walk you through the process and let you know your options clearly and with a mortgage strategy tailored to you.

Knowing when to refinance comes down to the method and the numbers. Tell us your goals, and we can guide you through the best strategy to achieve them.

Contact us today and discover how refinancing can make your mortgage work for you and save more for your home.


Your mortgage term is coming to an end and it is time to renew. Don’t just sign the dotted line! This is an opportunity to gauge your financial goals before moving forward. Many Canadians miss out on opportunities to save their money or get the right terms when it comes to renewing. A lot can change in three, five, or ten years. Your mortgage should fit your current lifestyle and financial position.

Here is what to consider at the beginning versus end of term


1. Where are you financially and have your financial plans been affected/changed?

A new promotion, being laid off, change of employment, spouse, and family all factor in to financial obligations and planning. If you find your expenses are more of a financial burden, it might be time to explore lowering monthly payments or consolidating debt. If you’ve experienced a financial upturn, now could be the time to shorten your mortgage by putting more toward your monthly payments.

2. Is your current lender still your best option?

You are not obligated to remain with the same lender at the end of your term and can refinance to another lender. There may be other institutions that provide better rates and terms that weren’t available when you first got your mortgage. If you don’t shop around, you won’t know and could get stuck with a rate that costs you more than it should.

3. How much is left on your mortgage?

The less there is remaining, the smaller the commission for brokers and less return for lenders. That means if you have a significant balance remaining, it might be easier to negotiate for better offers. Talk to us to determine what we can do for you and your remaining balance.

4. Refinance without penalties!

Refinancing can provide a lot of benefits and financial options to mortgage holders, but it also comes with fees, including penalties for refinancing mid-term. And that’s fine as long as those fees are less than what you will save by refinancing. Avoid those penalties by refinancing at the end of your term during the renewal process to maximize your savings.

Remember: Your current lender may or may not be your best option, so talk to us about lenders and what they can do to save you more with your mortgage. A lot can happen in five years (or more!) and evaluating your options will ensure the best rates, terms, and action plans that are right for you. For help on how to get there, contact us today!