Our Story

Built on a better standard of service, Kupina Mortgage Team combines the convenience of your banks with lower rates and financial advice to get more out of your home. Giving home buyers a mortgage professional on their side to uncover more savings during purchase, renewal, and refinance of their mortgage. That means knowing when you’re being offered higher rates than necessary or being subject to terms that can costs tens of thousands on your mortgage. A mortgage professional who will do more for you all the way up to, and beyond, closing.

Kupina Mortgage Team began with the desire to apply industry expertise on a more personal level. Having worked in the big banks and as an engineer, Mark Kupina combined his expertise in mortgages and finance of one career with the risk management and professional approach of the other. Not only did this make it possible to give clients a clear financial path to saving on their homes, but it gave them peace of mind to have a professional on hand with sound mortgage advice. Advice that led to better outcomes for them and their homes—even beyond closing. This was a field where Mark could do more with his skillset, but it was also a field that needed more than one person to provide the best for his clients.

The Kupina Mortgage Team was created under the same philosophy of professionalism, insight, and client satisfaction. Less stress and more savings boils down to having experienced professionals available and capable of delivering you better rates, terms, and advice for your home. A professional who can negotiate in your best interest to save more on your mortgage at all steps of the process.

Whether buying, renewing, or refinancing, Kupina Mortgage Team stands for savings, professionalism, and elite service for all clients. We want you to be confident with your mortgage decision which means having knowledgeable and friendly agents who are available to answer your questions. So ask!

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Mark Kupina

Mark Kupina


Mark has been actively engaged in the real estate industry since 2005 as a real estate investor and credit counsellor. After realizing his passion for the financing side of real estate, Mark became a licensed mortgage professional in 2010. With a background in engineering, strong analytical skills and a knack with numbers, Mark fully grasps the complexity of the mortgage and finance industry. He has vowed to help others see this industry with clarity and simplicity by guiding clients in obtaining a mortgage product that suits their needs and saves them money. Mark understands the importance of having at your fingertips an expert that you can trust, providing you with elite service while guiding you to becoming mortgage free.

Jennifer Fedrigo

Jennifer Fedrigo

Account Manager

Since 2015 Jennifer has worked behind the scenes at Kupina Mortgage Team as our Account Manager.  With over 12 years experience working in Real Estate Law,  Jennifer’s  background gives her a  full understanding of the mortgage process.  As a vital member of our team, her role is to ensure all files move efficiently from the application stage, to the closing process and beyond.

Brandy Kaytor

Brandy Kaytor

Client Care Specialist

Brandy joined the Kupina Mortgage Team in early 2016.  She brings a combined twelve years of experience in both real estate and construction.  Her background working with builders, trades and real estate agents gives her a unique understanding of the home buying process. As our Client Care Specialist, Brandy is here to help our clients through the mortgage process and ensure they receive the best care possible.